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Ways to Move You - Hard Song (track feature)


“We really shouldn’t talk about her now, cuz she went wrong.”

Ways to Move You - Save Me (track feature)


Save Me is a very personal song, the first true confession I ever made in the studio.



Ways to Move You - Mr. Ulterior (track feature)


“Cover me with veils of happy. Cover me with smoke.”

Ways to Move You - Supersonic Wave (track feature)


At first, I felt a little shy about writing about this song since it’s rather explicit. At least that’s what iTunes parental advisory label indicated. Well, sex in music isn’t really new, now, is it. But that is 'other people'. Supersonic Wave is personal

Ways to Move You - Why the Sky (track feature)


“Are you the miracle, come to make me sober? Are you the valiant fool, come to make me strong?”


Ways to Move You - Chosen Ones (track feature)


“Remember the time, when we were apart

Nothing around but the sound of half of our hearts”

Ways to Move You - The 20 Year Release


"Releasing my first and only album twenty years after its recording is the result of a twisted return to Vancouver in 2016. My mind still carefully navigates the corners of the past that turned me to now."