Tea with Madame V is the “ooh-la-la” podcast that sounds like an old-school radio show – if you can imagine Howard Stern on a cocktail of Midol, Ritalin, and a dash of good taste!

Whether you’re Minty, Earl Grey or just feeling a little Chai, let the soothing sounds and humour of Madame V drive you to delicious distraction. Sometimes you’ll get a full brew, sometimes just a spot, but we promise you’ll leave feeling refreshed, uplifted but never bitter!

So if you’re lacking a crazy aunt to visit – and yes, have a tea with – then, my Darjeelings,  you’ve come to the right place!

As you know, tea is best shared with friends – and so are these podcasts which are free to share. We only ask that you please leave these files in their original state of magnificence.

Remember, Tea with Madame V may not be suitable for work (NSFW). Sometimes you gotta pour that tea exactly as it's brewed.

Cheers with a pinky lift!