"I focus on coaching adult singers because my area of expertise lies in the vocal arts. I deeply understand what a powerful yet vulnerable role singers play. Singers are unique and it's important to recognize their significance, regardless of what the band may say!   Although there are many successful artists, some of us prefer to focus solely on creating music rather than dealing with the various challenges that come with the lifestyle of being an artist. As a result, we may avoid developing the necessary skills to turn our vision into reality. To address this challenge, I have designed specific methods to assist artists in building and framing key strategic skills. Ultimately, this will help singers in two ways: first, to strengthen their emotional and spiritual foundation, and second, to ensure they are not taken advantage of by industry professionals. Taking care of our spiritual and mental health is THE most powerful tool in the artist's arsenal!"


“I would like to redirect the question back to you. The main objective of coaching is to assist you in defining success on your terms. With effective coaching, you'll discover the true key to happiness and motivation in the arts which lies in finding your true purpose. Coaching can help you discover the excitement, pleasure, and self-respect that we all need to feel fulfilled. By recognizing and developing your artistic brand to align with your true self and vision, you will significantly increase your chances of creating amazing performances and achieving ambitious goals.”

What is a coaching session like?

“Coaching sessions can be conducted via phone, video conference, or in person for those living in the greater Vancouver area. Before the first session, you'll be asked to fill in an intake form so that I can learn more about you, then, I will ask questions to get to know you and define areas for development. After the session discussions, you will receive an email summary, along with some resources and some homework.”

Depending on your needs, areas of focus may include:

  • Development of emotional intelligence & expression
  • Discovery and refinement of your core values and messaging
  • Cultivating confidence, drive, and purpose
  • Plotting your path to success 

How much does coaching cost?

“Please contact me directly and I can design your sessions based on your needs.”


“Short answer: No. My area of expertise is in the psychology of singing and artistic development. However, I can provide you with an honest assessment of your singing, offer some tips and what you may need to progress. Additionally, I can recommend the best kind of teacher for you. Singing teachers focus on developing the mechanics of your voice, and may not have the time to discuss your artistic identity in depth. Therefore, my services are intended to complement and supplement technical singing lessons. There are many excellent singing teachers and coaches available, and it is crucial to choose the right one. I can certainly help you make that decision.”