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Dear Friends,

Over the last several months, I’ve been neglecting my social media pages since I started a new day job in late January…and I just didn’t have the bandwidth to continue with promoting my Sing with…

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Ways to Move You - Hard Song (track feature)


6. Hard Song

“We really shouldn’t talk about her now, cuz she went wrong.”

Hard Song is a tale about a teenage girl from my hometown that developed a very public mental illness. I’ll have to change…

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Ways to Move You - Save Me (track feature)

5. Save Me

Save Me is a very personal song, the first true confession I ever made in the studio. There were many attempts to capture a performance where my voice didn’t crack or I wasn’t triggered into…

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Ways to Move You - Mr. Ulterior (track feature)


4. Mr. Ulterior

Since I was about 13 years old, I was a true product of my environment. The ‘party culture’ was a  rite of passage, growing up in Grande Prairie’s oil boom times.  Smoking skills, drinking skills…

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Ways to Move You - Why the Sky (track feature)

2. Why the Sky

Trusting oneself is exactly what we fail to do when we are addicted. We keep letting our promises to ourselves become changeable, unrecognizable, morphing into other ideas that best soothe our discomfort, and especially…

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Ways to Move You - The 20 Year Release

Releasing my first and only album twenty years after its recording is the result of a twisted return to Vancouver in 2016. My mind still carefully navigates the corners of the past that turned me to now.

John Shepp was…

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