develop the foundations for SUCCESS as a singer with personal coaching!

First of all, I'm not a technical singing coach - YouTube has a plethora of teachers! 

I am the only coach that can build your foundation for singing success! I'm the one you talk to before you hire that teacher; before you join a band; before you hire that producer!  I am passionate about encouraging your best artistic direction, and your best interests - advocating for your best self so you can truly sing with soul and purpose.

Let me set you up for success in becoming a soulful singer!  During our strategic coaching sessions, you'll receive supportive guidance on building your identity as an artist, gain psychological insights into your performance, and working through those specific challenges that are holding you back from artistic freedom. 

“I completely understand what it feels like to be shut down, to lose your mojo, to feel unsupported and disempowered. My goal is to help you understand that with the right level of knowledge & encouragement, you CAN sing with soul! You CAN believe in yourself! You CAN develop skills to put yourself on the path of success."   

Depending on your needs, areas of focus may include

  • development of deep emotional awareness & expression
  • discovery and refinement of your core values and messaging
  • cultivating confidence, drive, and purpose
  • passionate encouragement & support for your goals

For more information on my approach, visit my online course website.  For a bit more information on me, visit my Bio page. 

Sessions can be via video call or, if you're in the Vancouver area, we can meet in person.  For a limited time only, I'm offering DEEP discounts on my coaching services - so hit that contact button to learn more!