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Meet Veronica

Veronica Start is a holistic vocal coach specializing in beginner-level pop singing. Veronica offers virtual coaching and an online program called Sing with Soul in Seven Weeks providing the psycho-spiritual foundations of singing at all levels.

Veronica lives in Vancouver, BC, and is a member of the Driftpile Cree Nation in Alberta. She offers a unique & insightful experiential perspective as an intergenerational residential school (trauma) survivor. These personal issues propelled her studies in psychology, trauma, and esoteric concepts in order to advance her life and her vocal career.  

"I completely understand what it feels like to be shut down, feeling disempowered to sing or perform in public; and my goal is to help you understand that -  with the right level of knowledge & encouragement - you CAN sing with SOUL!"

Sing with Soul in 7 weeks

online course

This online course is transformative - like life coaching for singers and all who wish to sing! 

"Did you know that the art of singing is PSYCHOLOGICAL and your personal experiences - your fears - can override any of your hard-earned musical training? In order to overcome my own fears I had to work very hard to gain the experiences and skills needed to become a professional singer. My approach to building confidence in singing has been over 30 years in the making and now, my mission is to demystify all the hype and bring the many benefits of singing to everyone." 

- Veronica Start

Free Webinar: 7 Steps to Sing with Soul

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In this on-demand webinar, Veronica presents an introduction to realizing your vocal expression & potential.  In 24 minutes, you'll learn:

  • The deep impacts of limiting our authentic self-expression
  • How singing is a natural form of healing, brain balance, and emotional regulation
  • How our culture has contributed to 'interrupting' our authentic soulful voice
  • 7 Easy Steps to Sing with Soul that you can do today
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