Reviews for You're a Star EP


"It's a wicked record [Dirty Bass Remix]...please send original files so I can have more to play with..." - DJ Sasha (International DJ)

"Played this on Ministry of Sound...[Dirty Bass remix]"  - DJ Graham Gold (International DJ)

"Yep, this track is truly inspirational...[Dirty Bass remix] - DJ Dave Whelan (Juice FM, High Society, Liverpool) 

"A very surprising debut. It sounds like she's been producing and singing forever.  A great remix from current favourites of mine (DBA) giving it a tougher, trancier edge..."  Score: 9/10  - DJ Steven Foy (Clubs: Strata, Tiger Tiger Tiger, Tunnel)

"It's always refreshing to hear new talent. Veronica Start is going places. Her vocal is out of this world and it will be nice to hear a big label pick up the talent. She deserves to be recognised!" Score 8/10 - DJ Andrew  Fuller (Clubs: Lava/Ignite, Squares, Time, UEA, Union Bar, UEA)

"What a great tune, a winner!"  Score: 10/10 - DJ Steve Marshall (Clubs: Point Place, Strand Bar, Upstairs/Downstairs, Villas)

"Excellent track!"  Score: 10/10 - DJ Fraser White (Clubs: Legends, Monty's, Coadys)

"I can see this as a future AATW signing. Imagine what Voodoo, FNP or Harry Hard could do with it..."  Score: 9/10 - DJ Tony Mitchell 

"It's got all the ingredients to be a hit. Vocals and the beat are spot on, AATW (All Around The World) should sign this up..." Score: 9/10 - DJ Shaun Hillary (Clubs: Club 2K, Vienna - Wessex Taverns)

"A beautiful set of vocals carries the other parts of this tune to great heights. This is perfect for my peak time sets." Score: 9/10 - DJ Simon Arch (Clubs: K2, Playskool, Bc S)