Ways to Move You - Chosen Ones (track feature)

1. Chosen Ones

When I was living my teenage dream, I was driven by the ferocious spirit of my desires. My intensive heart had so many demands - demands only the object of my desire could fulfill. 

Maybe falling in love is really just ‘falling in trust’, leaning into that sharp cliff of surrender. Without facts, without a history to assure us, we come to trust intensely that our desire is one with us, that our thoughts are their thoughts, too. We take their hand and follow them to the destination we both think we’re heading to.

Such torture to believe in something that’s not real. It’s nobody’s fault that we’re misled by others when our own feelings can also hide and surprise us later. It never once occurs to us that their mind is different, that the one we love is having a separate experience entirely, that people can be surprising and unpredictable in their private thoughts and lives. We learn that all dust is cleared by winds, both gentle and harsh, with glimpses of magic here and there, only to tease us.

To feel forever in a kiss is our first taste of divine connection, the magic dust that takes us further, that makes us instantly invincible, invisible and indivisible. This is the carpet that women have been swept away on and many men know this without knowing themselves. So many pick beautiful flowers not really understanding the broken stems left in the wake of their seduction. So, women like me, who yearn for the courtly rules of the past, eventually learn how to pick and choose the right buds to plant for a lasting bouquet.

We know that magic has always been the driver of creating reality. We know that order must come out of chaos. We know that heaven must come to earth. We know that the muse must become the song. The kiss must become the promise.

To surrender your heart to love’s arrow can be an ecstatic awakening through the death of what you thought time was.  To offer yourself to potentially be destroyed is what we're chosen for, and this very destruction is what we are meant to survive. 

And becoming a survivor of being chosen

is to become the most dangerous lover in the world.


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