Soul Singer Coach Interviews Producer-Singer Aaron Hubley

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Part of my Sing with Soul mission is to encourage singers to explore their sound, their microphone technique, and I especially would love to see more singers getting comfortable with audio production. In my view, this production focus will fast track your vocal development as well as giving you more control over your artistic development.  And this is why I’d like to use this platform to offer the perspectives of how other musicians and producers experience working with singers. 

Today, we have my very first subject matter expert, Aaron Hubley. Aaron Hubley has worked as a multi-genre producer, mixer, instrumentalist and singer-songwriter for nearly 20 years in Melbourne, Australia, Vancouver and now in Toronto, Canada. He’s running his own production business which is a 1-stop-shop for artists  and bands to develop their songs from the initial idea, all the way through to release. 

[Interview is not transcribed here, sorry!]

You can reach Aaron on: 

  • Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok: @aaronhubley 




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